High Performance Computing

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GSD researches and hosts efficient high-performance computing to support NOAA’s mission.

High Performance Computing (HPC) is critical for data assimilation and numerical weather prediction research

Portions of NOAA’s new global model ported to GSD’s system are already running 2-3 times faster than models used in operations.

NOAA's R&D supercomputers. located at GSD, support a wide variety of applications, serving a number of NOAA research labs, plus university collaborators. These computing systems aid scientists in making short-term weather and longer-term climate forecasts. The calculating power and volume-handling storage allow scientists to produce more accurate ocean, air quality, and environmental models that lead to a better understanding of our complicated Earth system.

In 2014 a GSD researcher was awarded the Department of Commerce Bronze medal for dedication in acquiring supercomputing services to sustain production of the Nation’s operational numerical weather and climate forecast systems.